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Reseller Hosting

Start Your Own Hosting Business Today

India’s Best Reseller Hosting Program


Our reseller programs are designed in such a way to enable our resellers to earn quick money by promoting our wide range of products and services. offers three exciting reseller programs. You have the option to select any program or even market all of them.

The Agent Program

Becoming a agent you have an option of selling our retail products to your customers.You earn money and also get sales assistance from our experienced sales team. For further information please contact our customer care or email us at

The Private Label Program

This is the perfect way to build your own hosting business and earn very high margin. With this Reseller program, you can offer real time Domain Registration, Web hosting, Email hosting, Web site builder, SSL and many services to your customers. All the services can be completely branded and you sell on your own brand name. We remain completely anonymous to your customers and we support you in each step.

There's no limit to the amount of packages you can sell. You define the price and configure the product to sell via an online shopping cart which we provide or you can even select conventional marketing. You also have a free option to start collecting payment through credit cards if you purchase a payment gateway. You provide your customers with your branded control panel. Our software manages the billing for you which can also be totally branded from your reseller control panel.