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Frequently Asked Questions

  •    What extra benefits do I have when I design my website with netandhost?

    Firstly, the personal assistance you get from netandhost is an unprecedented one in the industry. A website is not just a collection of webpages. Our team will discuss with you about your objectives with your website and take every step inorder to match your needs. Whether you want your website to act as a lead-generating machine or as a technical support executive, our Web Development team is there to just ensure the same.
    We also offer "Digital Marketing Services" which can assist you in promoting your website. Whether it is a design/re-design of your website or promotion of your website on Internet, netandhost is here to offer the best we have for your business.
    We are also proud to be a total services provider and can offer you several website-related services including Content Management Systems, Shopping Carts, and Payment Gateway Integration Services.

  •    What is the procedure involved in the web-designing process?
    It's simple. The following steps will deliver you the customised website you had always dreamt about.
    • 1. Sign up
    • 2. Consultation:
      Our consultant will discuss with you one-to-one on telephone about your requirements and preferences
    • 3. Collection:Our team will collect the logos, images, content, sitemap and other related material for your website
    • 4. Production:Our designers will work on your website according to your preferences
    • 5. Presentation:You will be presented with a functional website on our test-server for review
    • 6. Revisions:
      You may give your feedback about the work completed until this step and the revisions will be made accordingly
    • 7. Launch:Upon your final approval, the website will be launched live

  •    What if I need a customized shopping cart?s

    "Yes, we know that your business is unique and would need a customized shopping cart. We can certainly help you build a customized shopping cart with the exact features you want for your shop. Please call us or click here let us know a suitable time to discuss your requirements

  •    What if I need a dynamic website?

    We offer web-development services to help you with the dynamic website. With a large pool of expert consultants and software engineers, we can help you build web applications requiring various technologies.
    Whether, you need dynamic web pages, a sophisticated FAQ system, a press release system, a job posting system, a complex user-feedback system, a news section, a user comment system or any other dynamic feature you can imagine for your website, netandhost is right here to help you.
    Please call us or click here let us know a suitable time to discuss your requirements

  •    Can you offer programming for my website?

    Yes, we do. Whether it is development or re-development, our expert software engineers are here to help you build web applications requiring various technologies.
    Please call us or click here let us know a suitable time to discuss your requirements

  •    What web development technologies do you use for designing my website?

    We have expertise in both proprietary (ASP.NET, ASP, JSP, J2EE etc) and open-source technologies (PHP, PERL, Python etc). We can also assist you in deciding the suitable technology for your business and your website. Please call us or click here let us know a suitable time to discuss your requirements

  •    What technical knowledge is required of me?

    Actually, NOTHING! Just discuss with us about your requirements. Our expert project managers will help you step-by-step and leverage the best from your account.

  •    What are the plans available?

    Please click here to see our plans pages for full details.

  •    What are the inclusive features in the standard plans?

    Please click here to see our plans pages for full details

  •    Why is the shopping cart FREE?
    "Why is it FREE? What is the CATCH?". Good question. Firstly, the shopping cart we offer you, by default, is open-source software (osCommerce). Hence we don't incur any license costs to anyone.
    Thirdly, the integration costs. Our system is sophisticated that everything is automated inorder to integrate "osCommerce" shopping cart into your website. We think that it is unfair to charge an extra cost for integration
    We are glad that we are able to offer you the shopping cart absolutely FREE as a value-added service to all our Internet Hosting customers. Perhaps, your friend would be paying an extra fee to his provider and might be happier to hear about this service. So please help your friends!

  •    How much is the set-up fee?

    FREE. We don't charge set-up fee either for your hosting account with us or a website-related project

  •    What is a website?

    A website is a 24/7 representative of your business on Internet. A website may help you to increase sales for your organisation, offer support to your customers, link your business associates or do something else as you desire. Technically, it is simply a collection of web-pages that has some useful content for the target audience (customers, business associates etc)

  •    What are the differences among a website, a web portal and a webpage?

    A webpage is simply an HTML document (or a similar one-page document). A website comprises of many web-pages. A web-portal is also a website but they possess the ability to offer personalized services to their visitors (email, chat, news, games etc).

  •    What is secured hosting?

    Secured Hosting includes a SSL secured certificate for your website. This is needed if you offer products/services for sale online. This assures extra confidence in your customers when transacting on your website.

  •    Does my company need a website?

    Simply, YES! Even if you are not selling online, a well-crafted website is essential for any business. Also, don't be quick to dismiss your product as one that can't be sold online. Nowadays, there is little that can't be sold over the Internet. Although you might say that your business is a small operation, the benefits that you might get from a website don't depend on the size. People don't care whether you're a one-man show or a 10,000 employee corporate giant; if you don't have a website, you are losing business to other companies that do.