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Gone are the days, when businesses were dependent on in-house IT infrastructure and hardware for their data solutions. In its replacement, Cloud Computing means virtual data source has evolved into the most prominent factor of an organization’s IT competence in this technical era. Whether it’s a small venture, a website or a large organization, each one has developed its virtual data resource these days. The need of these virtual data resources have resulted in the outcome of Private Clouds, Public Clouds and Hybrid Clouds.

Benefits of Public Cloud Computing

Here comes NetAndHost with its simpler, cost-effective, secure and scalable Public Cloud services to let you experience Cloud Computing in its true essence. We offer Public Cloud services featuring expertise and efficiency and loaded with security, control, performance, best-in-class infrastructure and management. Our Public Cloud experts are competent enough in providing you complete cloud solutions for your customized requirements.

Still confused about choosing Public Cloud? or Do you need more light on the Concept of Public Cloud? Let’s elaborate more on - What is Public Cloud

Public Cloud, the most common and widely adopted virtual data environment, is basically a cloud environment that is created by utilizing shared physical resources and is accessible to a large number of users. The best example of public cloud environment can be the Internet itself. Thus, in simpler words, public cloud is a virtual environment that is constructed on shared infrastructure and provides its services to a large number of users.

Sometimes the question of security arises when it comes to public cloud. But just imagine how beneficial Public Cloud Computing can be for various small ventures or businesses that can’t afford Private Cloud but need virtual data environments to grow more & more. And also, keep in mind the businesses that don’t require that much of security concerns. Sounds Good?

Yes, Public Clouds are far more beneficial than we think. And moreover, you need not worry about the management and maintenance of Public Cloud as it’s the responsibility of Clouds’ service provider.

Let’s explore the world of Public Cloud to understand “How & Why the Public Cloud solutions here at NetandHost can take your businesses to heights beyond your expectations?”

Providing Best Cloud Scalability Ultimate Scalability & with availability is the very first feature you will find in NetAndHost’s Public Cloud Platforms. We promise fast and easy scaling across hardware platforms with flexible storage options. We also provide you an option to choose the platform as per your business needs and your cost concerns.

Best Reliable Public Cloud It is something, we feel proud to feature in our Public Clouds. From the construction to operations, Reliability is the most comprehensive strength of our clouds that we enjoy in true terms. The most-trusted infrastructure, uninterruptable operations, complete data security and flexibility, blend together to recognize us as the most reliable public cloud service provider in the industry.

Offering Secured Public Cloud Computing We, at NetAndHost , promise you enterprise grade security and enhanced data protection. With us you will forget the conception of data threats or intrusion into your specific virtual environment. Our Public Cloud Computing has been empowered with various security standards, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, specific storage levels and a team of experts that are available 24/7 to ensure complete data safety.

Providing Flexible Public Cloud By fulfilling all the varying requirements of a number of clients, our Public Clouds offer flexibility on prominence. Flexibility in the operations and management of Public Cloud is the component that enables an organization build an efficient cloud environment. Moreover, the accessibility of integrating these public clouds with private cloud to meet some specific requirements makes them flexible in real terms. We, at NetAndHost proudly offer automated configuring for multiple services such as IaaS, PaaS and SaaS on different platforms and among different vendors.

Yes, you read it right! Now you can enjoy the advantages of AWS (Amazon Web Services) Public Cloud with your trusted Cloud Solutions partner NetAndhost. You can now easily explore and manage all your data and performance from a single cloud environment powered by Amazon Web Services

See why NetAndHost should be your only destination for AWS powered public cloud services:

One more expertise that makes us feel pride of ourselves is our cloud infrastructure powered by Openstack Cloud technology. Being a technical blend of computing, networking and data storage within a single virtual environment, Openstack enables an enterprise achieve its specific goals with cost-effective, scalable and flexible data center.

Here are the features of NetAndHost’s managed public cloud services powered by OpenStack:

Thus, all the above mentioned features of our Public Cloud solutions justify our claim of being your choice for all the Cloud services; whether it is Public Cloud, Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud. NetAndHost invites you all to get in touch with us to enjoy next-generation cloud solutions in real terms.