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VPS Servers Features

Cloud VPS Servers Hosting Features


Control and Power

Virtual Private Server web hosting offers the hosting customers with a balance between the control and power of a dedicated server.

Guaranteed Ram and Disk Space

Each Instance of VPS Hosting comes with Guaranteed Ram and Disk Space.

Cost Benefit

VPS provides this service at a very reasonable price as compared to shared web hosting.


We will allocate a offsite backup space and you can backup entire Cloud VPS or any files into the offsite location on subscription.

Performance and Security

VPS offers a distinct benefit in performance and security as compared to shared web hosting.

OS Independent

Each environment or space of the hardware has its own Operating System, which run independently from other. Your VPS can run as a mail server, Application Server and Other Software instances and services.


You can scale the resources of your VPS Server RAM and Disk Space Instantly without any hassles.