What Will Cloud Computing Be Like In 10 Years?

“Cloud is everywhere! Deep dive in the world of cloud and enter the future of this dynamic technical wonder”

As all of the IT industry is well-aware of the Cloud’s increasing functionality, this technology is certainly not fading in the near future. Use of Cloud is still in its primitive stage where organizations are still thinking whether to move to the Cloud or not. It is definitely a winner as it comes with a plethora of benefits such as cost effectiveness, reliability, easy access anytime anywhere, and reduced carbon footprint. While business leaders are still striving to strike a balance between legacy systems and the Cloud technology, this digital innovation sure has a dazzling future ahead.

NetAndHost Cloud services strive hard to evolve and embrace more companies and services under its umbrella. As per market research, organizations that working to optimize their IT support, are moving to the Cloud to reduce a huge chunk of their operational cost.

The Role of Cloud in Different Economies of the World

Developing economies are a key market for the Cloud where more and more entrepreneurs are technology driven and incorporate new cloud innovations into their projects and ventures. The developed economies may adapt to the Hybrid Cloud technology model.


Work is still going on in the areas of security where some experts believe that cloud computing may expose personal data to governments and other corporations. More and more companies have come up with Cloud security services that are available in the market.

Future of the Cloud

The incorporation of Cloud technology helps reduce the carbon footprint of organizations. It is also believed that it would slice the usage of data center energy by a gigantic amount. The cloud computing market is expected to expand four folds in the next 10 years. Industries such as retail, healthcare, education and so on are adopting the Cloud at a rapid rate. It is also predicted that there will be an increase in the number of software developers, third party agencies and service providers working on the Cloud. This competition will definitely give rise to an improved quality of services and innovative products. It will also produce more skilled talent. What the companies should look into these days is their IT planning and Cloud management. A roadmap is required along with the consensus on some basic standards. NetAndHost will be your step by step partner in achieving a complete transformation over to the Cloud and also plan how the Cloud will mature into your company’s infrastructure.

With new products and services being launched each day, it is a little difficult for organizations alone to foresee how the Cloud technology will establish in their organizations. NetAndHost will help you achieve a smooth transformation and will also build an IT roadmap for your organization so you have absolute peace of mind. Our experts will stay connected with you and provide improved recommendations as and when needed. NetAndHost will be your trusted guide in Cloud management so you can focus on your company’s key goals and stay on top of the game. The Cloud industry is poised for considerable expansion in the near future and more and more companies are exploring investment opportunities in this rapidly growing sector.

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