Top Reasons Why Healthcare Is Embracing The Cloud

“Check out what cloud does for the healthcare industry and boost your confidence in migrating to the cloud”

While cloud computing continues to grow leaps and bounds, this technology has something new to offer each day. The cloud technology has unlocked new avenues for various sectors today. The cost effective technology solutions offered by the cloud is being well-accepted across many businesses. The healthcare industry followed a traditional approach to managing its data. Numerous factors such as new technology, better medical facilities, the rise in the number of medical aid and people taking advantage of them have all revolutionized the way the healthcare industry operates. Cloud computing technology eases various functions involved in the healthcare sectors such hospital management, insurance, research and so on by providing sustainable, technically advanced IT infrastructure with lower capital investment and easy to use systems. NetAndHost provides cloud solutions to the healthcare industry and addresses the core necessities of the business such as:

  • Provides cost effective infrastructure set up and provides large storage capacity on an on-demand basis which is not possible with legacy systems.
  • Sustains huge data for maintaining health records electronically, as well as store radiological images.
  • The data can be retained for a longer duration and is accessible quickly and easily when the need generates.
  • Medical experts and decision makers can collaborate easily and exchange critical information from anywhere with the use of the internet.
  • Hospitals, research centers, and insurance companies can efficiently perform tasks which were previously tedious and time-consuming.
  • These institutions do not have to maintain and manage the data centers as it gets serviced by the cloud solutions provider.

When migrating to the cloud environment, decision makers in the healthcare industry must choose the cloud services wisely with the help of an expert cloud provider. NetAndHost assists business heads in this key area which will lead to long-term benefits for the institution. There are two types of applications in the healthcare industry, clinical and non-clinical. The clinical applications involve patient entries, doctor’s orders, software for pharmacy and radiology etc, whereas the non-clinical applications include billing, accounting, claims and payroll administration. NetAndHost dives deep into the organizational requirements and accordingly suggests which type of cloud deployment model can be adopted by the institution. The medical industry has evolved over the years and with an increase in new and improved facilities, the need for a better IT management system. The cloud computing technology proves to be of immense use to the medical industry. There are various benefits of migrating to the cloud for the healthcare industry.

Cost Efficiency: There are various reports on how migrating to the cloud has been financially beneficial to the healthcare industry. Hospitals and doctor’s offices do not have to spend a huge sum and space on setting up expensive hardware. Patient records can be easily stored and maintained in the cloud.

Sharing: Cloud can help the doctors and patients to stay connected and share information.

Scalability and Security: The cloud can scale up or down based on the usage and requirement thus allowing cost-effective and scalable solutions. NetAndHost has hardened data centers that protect information securely.

If you are still thinking of migrating to the cloud, contact NetAndHost for sustainable cloud solutions.

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