Top 6 Benefits Mobile Apps Enjoy With Cloud

“Your love for mobiles and applications will soar with cloud. Find out how and be amazed.”

Over the years, the cloud computing technology has become increasingly famous. Entrepreneurs, small and big businesses, freelancers, and other diverse sectors such as healthcare, education, and many others have jumped over to the cloud because of its generous offerings. We all use mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, e-readers, etc in our day-to-day lives. A day without our cell phone is unimaginable. Gone are the days where cell phones were used to make and answer calls and send text messages. Today, your world revolves around your cell phone. Mobile devices do a lot for us, they entertain us, perform tedious calculations for us, help prepare work presentations, and much more. What mobile phones do for us in our private and professional lives is beyond price. With the increased use of mobile phones, the demand for more powerful and robust technologies is greatly coveted. Mobile cloud computing has emerged as a savior to conventional mobile computing. This hottest technology acts as an infrastructure in which data is stored and processed instead of your mobile device. With the help of mobile cloud computing, the applications and data are transferred into a centrally located cloud which can be remotely accessed using the internet. NetAndHost elaborates on the top 6 benefits Mobile Apps enjoy with cloud computing.

  1. The mobile applications on the cloud are run using the internet and do not have to be installed and piled up on the device eating up the phone’s memory. You can store mobile applications on the cloud and thus the data associated with the mobile app also gets transferred over to the cloud and does not accumulate on the device.
  2. Cloud applications for mobile do not bug you with notifications, they will simply update automatically. Many mobile cloud applications do not need access to your device’s confidential information so the issue of security is taken care of.
  3. Mobile cloud applications leverage extended battery life as the data including music, photos, videos, movies, critical data, can all be stored in the cloud. The processing of data is done remotely with rapidity thus saving the phone’s battery component. You can use your device for a longer duration thus giving you more power and peace of mind. Long journeys can be made enjoyable if you love book reading on your e-reader with that extra bit of battery life.
  4. Mobile applications are free from of worry of restricted storage capacity of your mobile phone. You can save a huge number of applications in your mobile cloud and the cloud will scale to match your storage conditions.
  5. You do not have to fret losing your data in the event your mobile gets lost, stolen, or damaged. You have it all stored on your mobile cloud and are able to access the same information using any other device with your login credentials.
  6. Mobile clouds are safe as your data is centrally located in a distinct location. In case your device falls in wrong hands, worry not, as you can erase the data stored on your mobile cloud and simply change your login credentials.

With NetAndHost’s upbeat cloud solutions for your mobile, you are on a road to achieve more flexibility and reliability.




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