Top 5 Features Of Cloud Services Powered By AWS

“Find out the most amazing features offered by Amazon Web Services that will surely help your business grow!”

Cloud Computing technology has grown leaps and bounds over the years. The cloud technology powered by Amazon is called Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS has rapidly gained a reputation of being a market leader in providing premier cloud solutions across the globe. AWS provides IT resources on demand based on pay-as-you-use charging model with the help of the internet. This technology has been a profitable investment for many businesses around the world as AWS adds agility, reliability, and excellent scalability to their IT operations and also saves cost to the company. Conventionally, businesses had to invest a huge capital in setting up their IT and to manage the operations involved complex functions leading to slower productivity. With the introduction of Amazon Web Services, businesses can get the peace of mind by letting AWS share the burden. NetAndHost provides efficient and economical Amazon Web Services and helps your focus on their key areas rather than spending their IT energy on unproductive tasks.

The number of features associated with Amazon Web Services may be countless, but here are the top 5 features that will surely strengthen your decision of going the AWS way.

  1. AWS Console: Amazon Web Services offers an online console which helps you monitor your account. You get the freedom to check your billing so you can keep track of your budget if you are a small company and optimize the use of resources. The AWS console allows you to change your account information thus making things simpler and straight forward. It makes difficult tasks easy for both technical as well as non-technical staff thus empowering your employees with more flexibility. There are a lot of other services offered by the AWS console that is sure to help you manage your account and stay on top.
  2. New Business Ideas: With the help of Amazon Web Services, new businesses can allow third parties to sell their goods online by providing a platform for business transactions. E-commerce companies can largely benefit from this technology with a low investment by adopting the cloud.
  3. Easy Set-up: With Amazon Web Services, it is a cake walk to deploy and start configuring your own infrastructure.
  4. Limitless options of services: NetAndHost provides limitless Amazon Web Services that are custom designed to perfectly fit your business objectives. This adds more flexibility in terms of choosing the plan that works best for you and this help save cost.
  5. AWS Support Promise: NetAndHost provides 24/7 support to all its clients and is always there to help. Our goal is to provide world-class service to our clients and fulfill our promise. NetAndHost constantly monitors the AWS services we provide and our technical support team is equipped with relevant solutions at all times. Our experts make recommendations to follow best practices to optimize the resources and also suggest updates. You can choose those updates based on your business requirement and budget accordingly.

Join hands with NetAndHost and experience the most amazing features offered by Amazon Web Services which are sure to add value to your business. For more questions on AWS, please contact our experts.

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