How secure is the Cloud Technology?

“Find out how security has become more robust in the cloud technology and how it gives you peace of mind”

The cloud computing technology has matured over the years and is on its way to becoming the default IT solution for most businesses. The tremendous benefits that it offers attract businesses across various sectors such as e-commerce, retail, healthcare, education and so on. The cloud technology provides speed, elasticity, cost efficiency, flexibility to work from anywhere and security making it a preferred choice for many. Security has always been a major challenge in the IT world where security experts are in a constant effort to make systems stronger against attacks.

Companies are migrating to the cloud at a lightning speed and to ensure safety and security of its clients, NetAndHost is working round the clock to create secure networks and data security. The IT world is constantly prone to security risks which NetAndHost has carefully studied and come up with solutions to evade them.  Some of the security risks that the cloud computing world faces are listed below and how NetAndHost is equipped with all the tools necessary to provide unmatched security to its clients.

Hardware breakdown: Businesses are concerned about hardware breakdown as they trust the cloud service providers with access to their data. NetAndHost is fully equipped to face such situations with our employees keeping the hardware updated at all times and prevent any possible hardware failure.

Information Breach: NetAndHost has robust and properly implemented applications that protect your business from any external threats such as hackers or malware. We provide best in class backup and protect your data from any breaches.

Cookie hijacking: NetAndHost is fully equipped to prevent cookie or session hijacking instances where your security credentials are protected and such instances are immediately tracked and wiped off.

Insecure APIs: Strong and secure APIs are fundamental to take care of attacks as they are used to access the cloud resources. NetAndHost has overcome this downside and builds APIs with robust architecture along with proper documentation.

Attacks on the cloud service provider’s system: Our expert team of software architects and security experts are constantly working to safeguard our systems, maintain them and keep them updated with all security and technical updates at all times. We have almost zero downtime and ensure that there is no negative impact on our client’s business. Honesty and integrity are the backbone of our organization and all our employees manage this huge responsibility exceptionally.

There are many aspects of security that are still under research and NetAndHost ensures proper integration of cloud computing services with the company’s systems so that security and privacy are managed in the best way. Be it a public cloud or a private cloud, NetAndHost constantly audits the systems and tests any penetrations to ensure absolute visibility of the systems. We provide competent services to our clients and fulfill our responsibility with due diligence. The key elements to a successful and secure cloud environment are:

  • Proper planning with backup
  • Implementation
  • Migration
  • Constant Monitoring and updating

NetAndHost ensures a smooth migration to the cloud with safety and security. We are equipped with the latest technology to handle security challenges and protect our customers to give them a great cloud experience.


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