Which One’s Right For You- SAAS, PAAS Or IAAS?

“Learn more about cloud and make the most of choosing cloud. You will definitely be one happy business.”

The vast applications and functionalities coupled with a plethora of services offered by the cloud technology will soon make it a default system of IT delivery in the world. The cloud technology has taken the IT world by storm and businesses all over are turning to it in order to improve their performance and stay on top. The cloud computing technology is an ocean of services under one common umbrella and it is important for businesses to understand the basic differences between the core categories of the cloud. NetAndHost works with its clients to understand their long-term business objectives and offers cloud solutions based on their requirement.

Broadly classifying, there are three types of cloud solutions i.e., IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS.  Businesses can choose to either build their infrastructure, software or platform themselves or outsource to a could service provider. These three cloud solutions are explained in brief as follows:

Infrastructure as a Service OR IaaS

In the IaaS model of deployment, the business outsources the Cloud computing infrastructure service such as servers, storage network and operating systems on demand. This means that businesses do not have to purchase the infrastructure, they simply use it from their cloud service provider when a business need arises. IaaS supports dynamic scaling capabilities thus, giving complete flexibility and control over the infrastructure. The business buys the resources as per their requirements and the cost varies depending on their resource selection. IaaS model may be suitable for small to mid-sized businesses that do not have the capital required to spend on heavy IT in-house infrastructure. Businesses in their growth stage may also opt for the IaaS model due to its excellent scaling capabilities.

Platform as a Service OR PaaS

In the PaaS model of deployment, the operating environment is included along with the operating system and application services providing a platform on which software can be developed and deployed. PaaS uses virtualization technology giving clients a platform in which the operating system, server software, necessary hardware and network infrastructure are all taken care of by the cloud service provider. All the businesses have to do is write and deploy their programs and it’s as simple as that. PaaS model is suitable for mid to large sized organizations who are looking to customize applications. Companies following the Agile Software Development Model can easily benefit from the PaaS model of deployment as it copes with rapid change management and reduces overhead costs.

Software as a Service OR SaaS

In the SaaS model of deployment, the business fully outsources fully functional applications based on demand and is the most popular form of cloud service. The business does not have to worry about the hardware, software, updates or downtime as everything is taken care of by the cloud service provider. The applications are managed from a central setting and software that is hosted on a remote server is always accessible through the web via permission credentials. Due to its excellent scaling capabilities, SaaS is most suited for start-ups who are into the e-commerce business, taxation industry, travel industry where traffic spikes up during the holiday season.

NetAndHost provides ultimate cloud solutions based on your business demands thus empowering your business to grow!

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