Common Misconceptions About AWS

“Find out facts that will clear your doubts about the cloud and help you make a sound decision”

Cloud computing technology has popularly fascinated the business world with its intricate usability and functionality. Cloud technology has matured over the years with every day offering a new innovation. It has changed the way IT is perceived and relieved the companies from the stress of procuring expensive in-house IT mechanisms. Despite the several benefits, cloud computing has been under much speculation due to the lack of proper knowledge resources. The burden of traditional IT systems is immense and many new businesses dread the process. The advent of Amazon Web services developed faith in businesses that were in a dilemma of whether to switch to the cloud or not. Amazon Web Services, soon after its entry, became a popular choice of businesses wanting to migrate to the cloud. Amazon Web Services is the biggest cloud in town and provides secure cloud solutions to its clients. There is definitely more awareness regarding the cloud computing technology that will allow decision makers to analyze and accept the cloud technology to their benefit. NetAndHost offers robust cloud infrastructure in an economic and performance driven manner. Businesses are eager to take advantage of the security and cost efficiency that AWS presents.

We will share a few common misconceptions about AWS that have haunted business heads and decision makers for a while.

  • AWS is simply hyped and will fade with time: The truth is cloud computing technology powered by AWS goes through continuous updates and is here to stay. Cloud has changed the IT mechanisms of companies and is seen as a replacement to traditional in-house set-ups in one way or another. Large and small organizations alike are investing in this valuable technology and the numbers are soaring up with each passing year. The rise in the acceptability of this method of computing only proves that cloud is not going to fade but only grow stronger.
  • Cloud Computing lacks security and data may get compromised: AWS offers massive infrastructure with hardened data centers fortified by 24/7 monitoring of attacks. A survey shows that on-premise IT infrastructure faces more attacks than the cloud data centers. AWS builds rock-solid APIs that are not easy to get into. NetAndHost’s reputation thrives on the fact that security is given utmost priority. AWS data centers are equipped with numerous data security layers and have only become more robust.
  • Cloud computing can be expensive: This is the biggest misconception and the fact is that it turns out to be cheaper than an on-premise technical set-up. Imagine the effect on the cost to the company when the need to buy new hardware arises if your mechanism has worn out. With the cloud computing technology, the cloud service provider is in charge of maintaining the systems and you are left worry-free. You can optimize the use of resources and pay for only what you have consumed.
  • Cloud computing is not suited for all types of businesses: This misconception is dismissed with the growing popularity of AWS and the rise in numbers just won’t stop due to the rising awareness and maturity.

Talk to NetAndHost if you are thinking of migrating to the AWS and present you with facts that will clear all your doubts and help build a strong cloud foundation.


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