Importance of Cloud Computing in the Education Industry

 “Find out how cloud has changed the way education is being imparted and how this industry has evolved” Technology has touched base in everything we do today from shopping to traveling to socializing and very importantly in learning. Just like innovations in technology, learning is a continuous process. Education is the foundation of a country’s […]

Importance of Cloud Computing in the E-Commerce Industry

“E-commerce is storming its way to become a necessity of every business to stay on top. Find out how cloud technology is e-commerce’s best friend” E-Commerce means trading of goods and services over the internet. This business has gained more importance with the popularity of companies such as eBay, Amazon, and others. E-commerce has flourished […]

How does the Cloud Technology aid Small Businesses?

“Find out how you can benefit from the cloud technology if you are a small business” The introduction of the cloud technology is a breakthrough through in IT innovation that has certainly changed the game for small businesses. Business environments today are moving at the speed of light which makes it crucial for organizations to […]

Benefits of Public Cloud Computing

“Find out more about how a public cloud can be the best fit for your company and how you the enjoy the benefits” In this fast paced world, businesses that are looking into migrating to the cloud can effortlessly do so in the Public Cloud. A public cloud solution is typically when a business outsources […]

Benefits of Private Cloud Computing

“Get further insight on private cloud technology and reap the benefits” Cloud computing technology being the preferred choice of many, most mid to large sized organizations including governments have adapted to the private cloud computing due to the array of benefits it offers. A private cloud uses virtualization technology to replace the company’s in-house IT […]

Beginner’s Guide on Migrating to the Cloud

“Find out the dos and don’ts while deciding to switch to the cloud and clear the cloud of doubts” The Cloud Computing Technology gives freedom to use the services as per necessity and improves the performance of the company. This is the major reason why businesses these days are migrating to the Cloud. Because of […]