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By now, most organizations understand the cost benefits of an IaaS provider like Amazon Web Services, including a low and predictable cost of ownership and a shift from a capital expenditure to an operating expenditure. This makes it possible to significantly reduce an organization’s upfront costs, its ongoing costs of IT labor and potentially its […]

benefits of mobile cloud computing technology

6 Tips to Get The Best Of Mobile Cloud Computing

“Mobiles are your best friends. Check out how to get the best of them with mobile cloud computing” Mobile phones and other handy devices have become an integral part of our lives. We work, play, socialize, shop, and perform a multitude of tasks on our mobile phones. They offer great flexibility in carrying out our […]

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Turn Your Mobile Into A Virtual Environment

“Discover how virtualization powered mobile cloud computing can change your life.” Cloud computing and virtualization are the two major hot topics in the world of IT. The virtualization mechanism detaches physical infrastructure and constructs virtual resources. Virtualization forms the base of cloud computing technology. It liberates the delivery of resources by creating a platform to […]

benefits of cloud computing

Top 6 Benefits Mobile Apps Enjoy With Cloud

“Your love for mobiles and applications will soar with cloud. Find out how and be amazed.” Over the years, the cloud computing technology has become increasingly famous. Entrepreneurs, small and big businesses, freelancers, and other diverse sectors such as healthcare, education, and many others have jumped over to the cloud because of its generous offerings. […]

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5 Challenges Faced In Mobile Cloud Computing

“Check out how IT experts are overcoming the roadblocks in the way of mobile cloud computing” The increase in the number of mobile subscriptions has paved the way to massive developments in the world of mobile cloud computing technology. No technology is foolproof and has a set of challenges associated with it. These challenges make […]

different types of cloud solutions provided by NetAndHost - IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS

Which One’s Right For You- SAAS, PAAS Or IAAS?

“Learn more about cloud and make the most of choosing cloud. You will definitely be one happy business.” The vast applications and functionalities coupled with a plethora of services offered by the cloud technology will soon make it a default system of IT delivery in the world. The cloud technology has taken the IT world […]

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What Will Cloud Computing Be Like In 10 Years?

“Cloud is everywhere! Deep dive in the world of cloud and enter the future of this dynamic technical wonder” As all of the IT industry is well-aware of the Cloud’s increasing functionality, this technology is certainly not fading in the near future. Use of Cloud is still in its primitive stage where organizations are still […]

role of cloud technology in healthcare industry

Top Reasons Why Healthcare Is Embracing The Cloud

“Check out what cloud does for the healthcare industry and boost your confidence in migrating to the cloud” While cloud computing continues to grow leaps and bounds, this technology has something new to offer each day. The cloud technology has unlocked new avenues for various sectors today. The cost effective technology solutions offered by the […]