different types of cloud solutions provided by NetAndHost - IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS

Which One’s Right For You- SAAS, PAAS Or IAAS?

“Learn more about cloud and make the most of choosing cloud. You will definitely be one happy business.” The vast applications and functionalities coupled with a plethora of services offered by the cloud technology will soon make it a default system of IT delivery in the world. The cloud technology has taken the IT world […]

”role of cloud in different economies

What Will Cloud Computing Be Like In 10 Years?

“Cloud is everywhere! Deep dive in the world of cloud and enter the future of this dynamic technical wonder” As all of the IT industry is well-aware of the Cloud’s increasing functionality, this technology is certainly not fading in the near future. Use of Cloud is still in its primitive stage where organizations are still […]

role of cloud technology in healthcare industry

Top Reasons Why Healthcare Is Embracing The Cloud

“Check out what cloud does for the healthcare industry and boost your confidence in migrating to the cloud” While cloud computing continues to grow leaps and bounds, this technology has something new to offer each day. The cloud technology has unlocked new avenues for various sectors today. The cost effective technology solutions offered by the […]

Importance of Cloud Computing in the Education Industry

 “Find out how cloud has changed the way education is being imparted and how this industry has evolved” Technology has touched base in everything we do today from shopping to traveling to socializing and very importantly in learning. Just like innovations in technology, learning is a continuous process. Education is the foundation of a country’s […]

Importance of Cloud Computing in the E-Commerce Industry

“E-commerce is storming its way to become a necessity of every business to stay on top. Find out how cloud technology is e-commerce’s best friend” E-Commerce means trading of goods and services over the internet. This business has gained more importance with the popularity of companies such as eBay, Amazon, and others. E-commerce has flourished […]