5 Challenges Faced In Mobile Cloud Computing

“Check out how IT experts are overcoming the roadblocks in the way of mobile cloud computing”

The increase in the number of mobile subscriptions has paved the way to massive developments in the world of mobile cloud computing technology. No technology is foolproof and has a set of challenges associated with it. These challenges make technology brainstorm new ways of cracking these obstructions. The rapid growth in the applications of mobile cloud computing technology creates the opportunity for more business and research. Mobile cloud computing technology involves the creation of remote resources that are made available with the use of the mobile broadband network. Mobile clouds store data in a distinct location and it can be quickly procured and processed. Mobile cloud computing is storage and transfer of data in a virtual environment using the internet. It gets easily integrated with your portable device such as cell phones, laptops, e-readers, and tablets, etc. Mobile cloud computing has certainly empowered users with greater flexibility and the freedom to work anyplace anytime thus, resulting in augmented productivity. Users can access photos, videos, apps, and the whole lot stored on their cloud with high-speed internet. This enriching customer creates a need for more development in the world of mobile cloud computing. Being cost-effective makes mobile clouds a preferred choice amongst users. NetAndHost adds a competitive advantage to your business by providing efficient cloud solutions for your mobile device. Over the past few years, the dominance of mobile cloud technology has also highlighted some of the unique challenges associated with it. Here are top 5 challenges that are faced in mobile cloud computing.

  1. Low Bandwidth: Mobile cloud computing involves usage of radio frequency waves that are scarce in comparison to wired networks. As the existing wavelength gets divided in different portable devices, the speed to access information gets lowered. This challenge can be overcome by improving the network bandwidth to add speed in the process of data transfer.
  2. Privacy: Data privacy is seen as a major challenge in mobile cloud computing. NetAndHost overcomes this challenge by allocating a fixed place for your data on the cloud without any interference. The login credentials add greater security to your mobile cloud. In the event of a loss of a mobile, you can access your cloud from any other device by signing on and erase the data that you may consider as a security concern.
  3. Network Coverage: Users may complain about disruptive network coverage on their mobile devices by their mobile service providers. These issues may occur if the users are traveling to far away locations where there is poor network exposure. This affects the speed of data transport from their cloud to mobile device. Mobile service providers have come up with 4G mobile broadband plans that provide faster services aiding mobile cloud technology.
  4. Performance may vary with different platforms: Mobile cloud computing has to be compatible with multiple user platforms such as android, Apple iOS, or windows based phones. This performance has to be effectively managed and controlled.
  5. Fewer energy resources: Mobile phones and such portable devices generally lack power and guzzle more energy. Mobile devices need to have an extended battery life to support the mobile cloud applications in spite of mobile cloud computing increasing the battery life of these devices.

NetAndHost provides energy-efficient and economical mobile cloud computing solutions to users and work to enhance user experience.







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