Vps Hosting

What is a VPS ?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is hosting that virtually mimics dedicated server environments within a shared server. VPS hosting has become a popular choice because it is generally lower in cost than dedicated hosting but provides better reliability, security, and performance than shared hosting. Moreover, users get root access to the server, giving them the freedom to install applications and make environment changes without having to go through the hosting provider, as they would with shared hosting. VPS is often a great option for SaaS providers, game makers, programmers, companies that have outgrown their shared hosting, and any company who needs a secure and affordable backup environment. But knowing what VPS is by definition and whether it’s right for you are two different matters. In this guide, we’ll give you the information you need to make the VPS hosting decision an easy one. VPS by definition is a type of hosting where multiple companies use isolated instances on the same host or parent server. This most common type of VPS hosting allows you to access your VPS environments from anywhere. Have allocated bandwidth and storage for each instance so your performance is not affected by other companies on the server like it might be with shared hosting. Get more bandwidth and storage than a hosting company that limited on the number of instances they can create on each parent server.

What Are Benefits of VPS Hosting ?

VPS hosting delivers several important benefits that combine the best features of shared and dedicated hosting. Your favorite VPS features will vary based on how your company uses it. But, in general, there are a few key benefits to VPS hosting.

Reliable performance

You have your own allocated bandwidth and storage and dont have to share with other companies.


VPS hosting is as cheap as shared hosting, but it is less expensive than dedicated because you only pay for what you need. VPS delivers plenty of value for the money.


You get SSH and root access to your environment, affording you more control.


VPS hosting is highly customizable so you get only the features you want which even includes the operating system (OS) of your choice.


Scaling is fast and easy.

Data protection

VPS hosting makes it easy to perform server backups. With Liquid Web, daily backups are standard for our VPS environments. Security VPS environments are isolated from each other, making them more secure than shared hosting