Find out how AWS helps startups to grow from small organizations to massive companies by eliminating their IT workload

Every business sets off with a small foundation. Startup companies are young vibrant organizations ready to take up new challenges and come up with innovative solutions. While the company’s objectives include rapid growth and business development, having a reliable and high-performance IT infrastructure keeping capital expenses minimal is no easy task. With the advent of cloud computing technology, startups can have a sigh of relief due to the multitude of benefits it offers. Cost efficiency and reduced operational burden can be great motivators for startups to embrace the cloud technology. There are a few factors that startups must take into consideration while selecting a cloud service provider.Working with a reputed company within a limited budget is a dream come true for startups. It becomes difficult for them to choose a cloud service provider given that there are a million choices available to them. NetAndHost uses Amazon Web Services which is a world leader in cloud solutions. The opportunity to be associated with a leader gives great confidence to startups as they know they are in good hands. Amazon Web Services offer cost effective solutions that aid the company’s cost management. Startups can save thousands of dollars required to establish an in-house infrastructure and hire IT managers for internal IT requests and system management. With the cloud technology, this extra cost is terminated and companies simply need to hire a cloud services provider who takes care of the systems, management, and updates. AWS offers an online console where critical operations such as building a server for testing applications can do simply done online without time and energy being exhausted on raising internal tickets, waiting for approvals thereby hampering productivity. AWS works as a great platform for transaction-based businesses wherein everything can be managed online. Speedy response time, reliability and accessibility of data from any location using internet make the cloud an ideal candidate for startups. Startups in the education or e-commerce or web development business can immensely benefit from the cloud technology.AWS comes with great scalability. Startups do not need to purchase new hardware in order to cope with the increase in demand. NetAndHost will handle it for you. You only pay for what you have used so during demand spikes, your data usage can spike and during low demand, your data usage can contract. You get access to new and innovative tools and services as your business grows. It is extremely easy to migrate from one cloud to another and it swiftly integrates with your systems. AWS has a massive infrastructure with hardened data centers that are secure and protects your data following all compliance guidelines. AWS has massive data centers strategically placed throughout the globe as well as online. NetAndHost provides 24/7 upbeat support by skilled experts in the security and applications domain. AWS keeps track of all footprints while working on the cloud so managing security of your company becomes easier. APIs built by NetAndHost are robust and provide a great defense to your information.Cloud is a synonym to IT’s future. NetAndHost provides Amazon Web Services and assists startups to bloom into gigantic companies with their distinctive IT solutions.

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